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Intensive Hair Treatments & Hair Products

Hair Treatment - Hair Products

Barbers and shoppers can enjoy our quality hair treatments and hair products from ChaZap Inc.located  in Chicago, Illinois. Our 13 products will transform your style and hair health, like Chazap Super Fast Hair Growth , which allows for fast hair growth with the help of Jojoba Oil. chazap Super Fast Hair Growth adds moisture, prevents breakage, and eliminates dandruff. Other products include:
• Liquid Razor—Reinforces and Gives a Sharp, Crisp Hairline
• Bald Shine—Head and Face Balm Soothes and Conditions,
  & Prevents Dry Patchy Skin and Bumps
• Hair & Scalp Moisturizing Treatment—Controls Dryness and Adds Luster
• Wave Wax—for Waves, Fades, & Short Cuts
• Vitamin E Shave Gel & Skin Conditioner
• Curl and Wave Activator—with Aloe Vera
  for Curls, Waves, Weaves, and Naturals
• Shine & Glow with Silicon—Oil-Free Quick Drying
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