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Quality Barber Classes

Become a barber with our top of the line barber classes. Alternatively, become a barber teacher with help from ChaZap Barber College in Chicago, Illinois, in getting your license.

Hair Styling - Barber Classes

Barber Courses

If you're aspiring to be a barber, but don't have an open full-time schedule available, we also offer part-time courses for your convenience. Our 1500-hour state regulated program includes all tools, uniforms, books, and products.

Our program consists of 1350 practical clock hours and 150 hours of general theory. It generally takes 10 months to complete. Training includes:

• Clippers
• Razors
• Shaving
• Shear Cutting
• Hair Styling
• Color
• Chemical Application
• Clipper Repair
Barber Student - Barber Classes

Barber Teachers Courses

Anyone holding a current barber license qualifies to become barber teachers. This program consists of 1000 of practical and theory hours. Training includes:

• Teams at Work
• Effective Presentation
• The Art of Retaining Students
• The Career Education Instructor

• Basic Learning Styles & Principles
• Evaluation of Professional Performance
• Basic Methods of Teaching & Learning

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Teaching License

Upon completion of the program, students will have the skills and knowledge to pass the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulations Licensing Agency Examination successfully. This is pivotal in order to become very successful barber teachers.

Contact us to start your new career with our barber classes or barber license.