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Barber Courses

If you're not happy sitting at a desk for eight hours a day and love to make people look their best, sign up for our exceptional barber classes.

Continued Classes

Don't let a revoked barber license keep you from doing what you love. Our great hair classes put you back on track in order to start cutting hair again.

Products & Treatments

Buy ChaZap Barber College's amazing hair treatments and hair products to make sure that your hair is soft, protected, and at its healthiest.

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Who We Are

Attend a barber school in which you are certain you will be successful. Chazap Barber College outcome rates below for the institution's most recent annual report year.

Graduation:  69%   Licensure: 75%   Placement:  82%


To enroll in our programs, an applicant must have a high school diploma or a GED certificate or official high school transcript.  State law requires a photocopy of the following items that has to be maintained in the student file at all times.

  • Students must attend a Chazap Barber College orientation class at which time all policies and procedures, program curriculum and objectives will be thoroughly explained.
  • Students must be at least 17 years of age by the first day of school.
  • Students must submit documentation proving they have completed the 12th grade with a GED or have a high school diploma.
  • Students must interview with the Admissions Manager.
  • Applicants must agree to follow ALL Chazap Barber College rules and regulations.
  • Instructor applicants must hold a current barber license.
  • Any student dropped from a program can re-enter the program, but must be closely monitored and is placed on probation for 30 days.

The student-driven atmosphere helps you to feel comfortable and supported. Our services and products include barber courses, barber teachers courses, continued education courses, restoration license courses, and ChaZap hair products.

Mission Statement

Transforming lives through quality education, ChaZap Barber College is student-focused. We are dedicated to providing our students with the knowledge, training, and confidence to succeed in the ever-changing barber profession. Our graduates will be able to meet and exceed the expectations of the most discrimination barbershop owner. Throughout the training period, emphasis is placed upon essential barber services, techniques, and business strategies such as customer service, client retention, barbershop retailing, target marketing, and people skills. ChaZap Barber College does more than prepare students to pass the state licenser exam. We offer the ultimate education experience so our students are equipped with the tools needed to become entrepreneurs who will open and operate successful businesses that will help enhance the economic structure of their prospective communities.

Contact us to become a graduate from our premium barber school.